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Truffle Hunt
  • Where?
    Location depends on the season and type of truffles
  • How long?
    1.5 hour
  • How much?
    On request
  • How many?
    2-10 persons
Not many people know that Hungary is famous for its truffles, which are exported to 27 countries around the world. We hunt for the "black treasures" only when accompanied by the country's chief expert, the author of books about truffles, and assisted by his smartest labrador retrievers.

In the summer and autumn, from June to December, the "regular" black truffle can be found in the Hungarian forests. From October to December, a rare white truffle can be spotted. Many people believe it only grows in Italy, but in fact, Hungary is the northernmost country where this species grows. Hungary also has its unique species: sweet white truffles, which are used in desserts.
Transfer from Budapest (optional)
You can arrive at the venue in your own car or book a transfer with us
Hunt in the woods with an expert and his dog
1.5 hour walk in the woods, accompanied by an expert, picking truffles
Hand out truffles, drive back home
After the hunt, each participant receives a truffle and detailed instructions on how to use it
Our irreplaceable hunter Istvan has been picking truffles for 25 years, and we've been hiking the Hungarian forests with him since 2019. Here is a little report from one of our first hunts (in Russian).
If you love truffles but don't want to wander in the forest, we can organize a truffle product tasting for you (truffle oil, pesto, and even truffle honey!). It will also be a good souvenir or present.
In Autumn 2021, we hosted a unique event in Budapest – Brunch of Five Truffles, where we told the history of truffle hunting, a famous chef prepared a menu with five different types of truffles, and a truffle expert hosted a truffle fair. You can order this type of event for yourself and your friends.
Photo by Leio
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Jacob
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  • Ekaterina
    It seems to me that everything in Hungary is within Maria's power. I would call her the Budapest Sorceress as every wish, request, and question was solved as if with a wave of a magic wand. Maria opened for us wonderful restaurants, where you can taste the best Hungarian dishes and wines.... Now I can easily say that Budapest is one of the best places for gastronomic tours.
  • Anton
    Maria, she's not just Maria. Our crew has worked with many wonderful people around the world, but never before have we had the desire to take a specialist (guide, interpreter, local customs expert, etc) with us. Amazing competence, wonderful character, and enviable efficiency. She knows everyone, and everyone knows her.
  • Tatiana
    She walked for miles with us, ate and tasted... early in the morning picked strawberries and elderberries for us... introduced us to the most interesting Hungarians and non-Hungarians, "puzzled" over Rubik's puzzles, translated from Hungarian (it turned out that she was also learning Chinese!) - And all that in just three days... Maria, next time I will definitely go with you again!
  • Alexandra
    Masha is a person who turns everything she touches into beauty. She is a journalist, gastro guide, and taster of Hungary's most delicious food and wine. I would say, an extremely useful acquaintance :)
  • Ekaterina
    We enjoyed our tour with Masha. The trip was competently organized, and we had no minute wasted. Everything was accompanied by fun conversations and laughter, but I took away with me a huge bundle of knowledge and impressions (and of course, many pictures too). Therefore, I am looking forward to the next tour, and to those who have not yet joined, I advise visiting Masha's gastronomic tours!
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